Gravette Gift Guide for Pets

Gravette Gift Guide for Pets

It's finally December! With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is getting ready to let loose and celebrate to their heart’s content. As the holiday cheer hits its peak, you find yourself double-checking your gifting list. But in this self-inflicted havoc of finding the best gifts, let's not forget our lovely fur babies! After all, they too are a part of your family. This is the perfect opportunity to gift them something special and make their day.

Let’s get one thing sorted, the best thing you can give your furry companions is your undying love and attention. But what if you wanted to go one step further and give them something that makes their life (and by relation yours) infinitely better? That’s where Gravette’s Pet Guide comes in, to rescue you from spiraling into self-doubt. Whether your furry friend is a sweetheart senior rescue or an energetic pandemic baby, this list covers all bases. So if you are struggling to choose the best gifts for your pets, keep reading to find the products that raise your status from a good pet owner to a great pet owner!

1) Play through the day…

A pet-owning household is often overrun with all kinds of toys. If you love to spoil your pets, you will definitely buy any new toy that catches your eye. Whether it’s a practical chew toy or an engaging puzzle or even a whimsical cat-sized throne, the choices are infinite. In such cases, it is difficult to find a toy that can serve as the perfect gift. 

A fun solution is taking your pet along to go shopping. There will be a certain toy that your furry friend will inevitably be drawn to. And that's it! Your pet will get the gift it truly wanted. 

But if you are someone who wants to surprise your fur baby with something enjoyable yet good for them, you can consider gifting them something a little more specific. Dogs are encouraged to find engaging stimuli. A treat-based puzzle or even a nutritional dog bone can prove to be a wonderful gift. And if you are a proud owner of a cat then scratch toys are the way to go. Our dear feline friends are unable to stop themselves from running their claws across all our furniture. A high-resitant scratchpad will keep your pet engrossed while giving your artsy curtain a long time to live.

2) Doze away!

If there is one thing our pets love to do, it is taking naps! A true pet owner is marked by having a phone gallery filled with pets snoozing in the most adorable positions. So for creatures who love to snake in the zzzs’, it is absolutely necessary to have the best sleeping environment. This means, only the most comfortable beds, the fluffiest cushions, and the softest blankets will suffice. This Christmas, you can consider upgrading your pet's sleeping space, for getting the rest they deserve. And if you wish to add a personal touch, gift them a handmade quilt made from your old clothes, a sure way of always keeping a bit of you beside them always.

 3) Make it fashionable!

Booties? Check. Berets? Check. Cloaks and capes? Check, check, check! 

Come winter and the nagging worry about our pets being cold takes up a lot of mind space. Making sure they are sufficiently warm becomes a top priority! Now, of course, our pets can regulate their body temperatures to a certain degree. But if there is an option of buying them the cutest clothing, that keeps them warm and makes them look like stars of the runaway, would you really resist? Not really!

4) Let there be food!

A very valid concern that all pet owners have is whether their fur babies are eating enough. A lot of thought goes into what the pet eats throughout the day, and still despite your best efforts, sometimes your pets end up with a delayed breakfast. And then there are days when you are absentminded and your pet is being particularly difficult. The next thing you know, you have served your furry friend twice the amount of food they would normally eat!

What if, you buy your pet a Christmas gift that takes care of all their dietary needs?  This festive season, Gift your furry friend, Gravette's Pet Feeder- a fully automatic device that takes care of your pet’s health and routines for you! 

The Gravette pet feeder is designed especially to meet all your pets needs. Don’t let the compact size fool you. The automatic feeder is perfect for multi-pet households. The feeder can be scheduled for giving out upto four routine meals, that too with the right portion sizes! So now your pet will never again be overfed or underfed. With features like portion adjustment, infrared sensors, and call recordings, you can look after your pet’s health even from afar.

It's the perfect gift for your pet, you, and anyone else who would love to take care of their pets without compromising their health. This is a product that you will surely fall in love with.

5) Water but make it fancy

Pets are often hit-and-miss drinkers at the water bowl. They leave more water on the floor than what ends up in their mouth. As a pet owner, you always try to keep your pets hydrated. And hence the overflowing water bowls placed in every room of the house. And still, your pets decide that toilet bowls and free-flowing taps are the best place to have water from. Well, there is a very simple answer to this confusing behavior. The water in a water bowl is stagnant and therefore prone to becoming dirty and our pets would rather have parched throats than consume that water. 

So this Christmas, if you want to make sure your pets get the most out of their water bowls, present them with Gravette’s Pet Fountain. This self-cleaning electronic water fountain is the answer to your pet’s hydration needs.

The Gravette pet fountain is a smart device designed to provide filtered fresh water, specifically for your pets. It has a circular appearance that allows wider space to drink from, perfect for both cats and dogs. The Gravette Pet Fountain is equipped with LED sensors that let you know when it is time for refilling. 

Now your pet can have fresh water throughout the day and you can rest a little easy. This pet essential product is as much a gift for your furry friend as it is for you. So don’t think too much and add it to your gift list this year. 

Parting Words

When it comes to choosing gifts for your precious pets, it is the ultimate aim to give them something amazing. From typical chew toys to whimsical cat-sized thrones, the choices are endless! When presented with a variety of such options, it is very natural to get confused. To help you a little bit, Gravette has curated this gifting guide for pets that can help you narrow down your options. So this year let there be light, love, and laughter as you make it the best holiday for yourself and your pets.


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