The Perfect Gift For A Happy And Healthy Pet

The Perfect Gift For A Happy And Healthy Pet

We all share a profound connection with our pets. For some, so much so that their precious pets have them wrapped around their cute little paws. Then again, who can blame them? In trying to keep the glitter in their eyes and a wag in their tails, pet owners often give in and let the pets have their way. One recurring instance is the misstep of feeding them double dinners every night. And all those extra treats we end up giving them when they do the rollover or shake. 

That being said, everyone wants what’s best for their fur baby. 

The best way to do that is to ensure they lead a healthy life. This is where Gravette’s Pet Feeder comes in. 

Get your pets and your close ones (with pets) the Gravette Pet Feeder. It's automatic, it's attractive, and basically, it’s awesome. Keep reading if you need further persuasion to fall in love with the Pet Feeder (because you will).

1) Planning is the key

Our pets are the center of our universe, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have other commitments. So when you are trying to step out for a quick errand or even commuting for work, the anxiety that your sweet pet would not eat well takes up a lot of mind space. Gravette’s Pet Feeder uses advanced engineering to make you worry less. You can schedule the feeder to dispense the most appropriate amount for your pet at set times. With the routine thus established, your pet will no longer eat more (or less) than they need.

Now you can plan your day around your needs and not the feeding schedule of your pet.

2) Plate wiped clean

Our pets love to flash their cute faces at us and try to sneak in a double dinner. We, in our eternal love for them, have sometimes gone against our better judgment and fed them more than what they need. Just look at what is happening to pandemic fur babies! A lot of them gained weight because their humans were too charmed by their adorable faces to consider portion control.

Here, Gravette Pet Feeder can be a lifesaver. The pet essential gadget uses cutting-edge technology to give your pet the perfect portions at the perfect time. Doesn’t matter if you have a big chonker or a tiny boi- the Gravette Pet Feeder comes with a 7L capacity that is perfect for furballs of multiple sizes.

3) Routines, uncompromised

Congratulations you bought the automatic pet feeder for your precious fur child. Now you can plan night outs or even a short getaway without worrying about your pet. Then a new worry rears its head. What happens if there is a power outage? How will your pets eat? Will they starve till you don’t come back and feed them? What a nightmarish situation! You can avoid this if you buy Gravette’s Pet Feeder. This pet care essential is equipped with a battery backup option that doesn’t let your pet go hungry even if there is a power outage.

4) Be present for your pet

Automatic pet feeders help you distance yourself from your pet’s feeding time. Now the next time you are stuck in traffic, your pet will still eat at the right time. But don’t worry, nothing can replace you as their best friend. It's understandable if there is always going to be that slight guilt when your pet is eating alone—cue pain with a capital P. As you wipe your tears over this heartbreak you can look into Gravette Pet Feeder’s call recording feature. While it may not be able to replicate your physical presence, just hearing your voice during their meal time can bring your pets a sense of comfort.

5) Safe for and from pets

It is a universal fact that our precious pets love to wipe off every morsel from their food bowls. If they aim to discover more food at the end of their bowls, they are often left disappointed. Nevertheless, given their inclination to eat every meal like it is their last, it makes sense that pet parents will be worried about the quality of the food bowls that the pet feeders have. Worry not! Gravette Pet Feeder is made of BPA-free food-grade ABS material. It comes with a secure top lid that prevents the furry inquisitive menace living in your home from stealing their kibbles.

In love yet?

It is undeniable how much we love our precious fur babies. It’s no surprise then that we as pet parents want to give them the best possible amenities. Gravette’s Pet Feeder can take away your worries about the precious fur baby’s diet and routines. And why stop there? If the sophisticated food dispenser has won your heart, go a step further and complete the pet care essential set by taking a look at Gravette Pet Fountain. Have fun with your furry family and let Gravette give you an elevated lifestyle tinged with comfort.

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