This Festive Season, Gravette Gifts Take The Cake

This Festive Season, Gravette Gifts Take The Cake

The holiday season is officially here! As the winter winds pervade the air, and the end of the year nears, the atmosphere seems to be vibrating with barely restrained excitement. Warm drinks and fuzzy feelings fill you to the brim, but still, there seems to be something missing…

Gifts! This time of the year is spent in search of the perfect gifts — for your family, friends, colleagues and maybe even for yourself. But what makes the ‘perfect gift?’ If the answer eludes you and you find yourself going down a frantic spiral of web searches and gifting coupons, just take a deep breath. Gravette gives you a gifting guide that is feasible, fancy, and most importantly, just fantastic. Read on and uncover the secret to being the best gift-giver ever!

The Pinnacle of Gifts: Gravette’s Hotmug

It's a gift! It's a treat! It is Gravette’s HotMug that self-heats! This product is perfect for, well just about everyone. 

It's a brilliant gift for your father. He could wrap up his extensive meal preps for the Christmas dinner and still enjoy an oh-so-deliciously warm cup of eggnog. Immediately, you will become the favorite child. And that extra slice of cake he keeps aside? oh yeah, that definitely has your name on it this year.

Or maybe you want to pamper your partner with the chance to have coffee in bed all day every day. Get them the HotMug! The compact design doesn’t take up too much space and is perfect for the bedside table. From now on, your partner will not have to brave the cold to hunt for the caffeine elixir. They can stay bundled up and enjoy the first of many cups of their favorite hot beverage.

Do you know who else will love the Hotmug? Your niece (or nephew) of course! The poor soul just finished her first semester at college. And you know for a fact that every college-aged person survives on only two things, copious amounts of hot beverages and spite. And so, your gift will be perfect! A smart mug that doubles as a wireless charger? Yes, please. Seriously, your niece will love a gift that sits pretty on her dorm desk and reminds her of home.

Who's next on your list? Your workaholic colleague? Your helpful neighbor who makes one cup of coffee last for hours? Maybe it's your cousin who has been on a caffeine cleanse? Gravette HotMug works for everyone. Whether it's the kitchen counter, the work desk, or even the dining table, this 12oz cup can fit anywhere. A stylish and efficient lifestyle gadget, this cup even heats milk in under 30 minutes! Gravette HotMug is the gift that shows you care for your loved ones.

Fast-charging Powerbanks: Everyone’s Dream Gift

So you are halfway through your gift list. You have spent hours going over every possible gift for every possible relative. And now you find yourself stuck because you’re on the hunt for a gift that screams class yet is considerate. Alas, the gifts that fit your criteria make your budget bleed. There, there. Don’t be disheartened. We have just the gift(s) for you- Gravette’s InstantBoost and MiniBoost.

You might ask, who would enjoy powerbanks as a gift? Our answer — everyone!

Gravette InstantBoost is a godsend for your ‘messy is my middle name’ friend. You know the one whose work desk looks like it has wires and cables growing out of every crevice. To gift that friend a power bank that comes embedded with three (3!) cables of different categories is basically giving them a new lease on life.

How about your roommate who is the poster child of ‘living life on the go'? Whether they are off on a month-long vacation or braving the traffic to reach their meeting on time, the Gravette InstantBoost (that you gifted them!) will prove to be a lifesaver. They could charge their iPhones twice over in the time they reach their destination. No kidding, this gift will certainly earn you infinite brownie points. 

And wait there’s more! If you did not want to give your running buddy the same old protein shakes or the sweatband, you can gift them the Gravette MiniBoost! If your friend decides to train for a marathon, they will only need to put the lipstick-sized powerbank in the pocket and be on their merry way. 

No matter who you gift Gravette's fast charging powerbanks to — whether it is your forgetful cousin whose phone is always running on low battery or the aunt whose dog treats all USB cables like their personal chew toy. Everyone on the receiving end of this thoughtful gift will thank you from the bottom of their hearts for making their lives exponentially easy.

Gravette Pet Care Essentials: Every Pet Owner’s Dream Come True

Tis’ the season to be jolly and spread cheer. And giving gifts is the best way to go about spreading a little bit of warmth and lots of love. It is a special feeling indeed when everyone in the house gathers around the Christmas Tree looking for gifts with their name. Even your precious pets get swept up in the excitement, sniffing around the wrapping paper looking for a bag of treats or their new squeaky toy. So this time why not go a step further and gift your pets something that makes their lives even better?

This year present your pets with Gravette’s pet care range. The Pet Feeder and Pet Fountain. The combination of these gadgets will ensure that your pet’s diet and routines never succumb to the demands of life. 

The Gravette Pet Feeder is much needed for the aging aunt who sometimes forgets and feeds her adorable tabby two dinners instead of one. The feeder would allow her to schedule upto four meals throughout the day that dispense the appropriate amount of food every time. She would certainly appreciate the Pet Fountain too, for the self-cleaning gadget provides fresh water that would stop her whiskered child from opening all taps in the house.

 Both these gadgets would give your separation anxiety-riddled best friend a chance to take a breather. The Pet Feeder is equipped with a battery backup that doesn't interrupt the feeding schedule even when there is a power outage. And if you are the lovable fluffball’s Godparent, then it is your sacred duty to spoil the whiskered friends while taking care of their health. And Gravette’s pet care range lets you do both!

The Holiday Season is incomplete without the spirit of charity coloring your actions. What better time than now to buy the Gravette Pet Feeder and Pet Fountain for all the strays that find themselves alone in shelters and pounds? And who knows maybe you will be rewarded for your act of charity and bring home with you your new furry best friend!

Gravette’s pet care essentials are smart, sleek, and amazingly simple. Gift it to yourself, your family, or even the local service animal training center — this is one present that will win everyone’s heart.

Wrapping Up

Gifts are a love language everyone understands. And special occasions like Christmas and New Year’s make gift-giving even more important. Use Gravette’s gift guide to find the perfect match for your loved ones. And if one single gift seems too easy, go ham and bundle whichever products feel will go best together. So the next time you find yourself losing your mind doing last-minute Christmas shopping, remember this gifting guide.  

Regardless of who you buy gifts for, you cannot go wrong with Gravette’s Gift Guide. Go forth now gift giver and be the victor of everyone’s heart.

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