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Tis the season of love, with the budding spring, the aroma of affection in the air with a revitalized sense of hope. We are in the thick of the second month of the new year, the month of Valentine’s. As Valentine's Day approaches, couples are thinking of creative ways to spend time together and express their love since sustaining the flame in a relationship requires a healthy dose of passion and nurturing. Whether it’s going to the beach or hiking up a hill, a date surely invigorates your relationship.

Living in modern times involves a high degree of gadget dependency. Many of our activities frequently involve the usage of battery-powered devices which is where the power bank can be an immense savior.  In moments of crunch, a fast-charging power bank or a portable charger can be a godsend. Don’t worry, Gravette can take care of these problems now. Experience a lovely date with your partner.

Stay powered. Stay connected with Gravette

Valentine’s month has been a lover’s ritual since time immemorial. There’s an inherent urge to create a monument to your love through acts of care and affection. Planning an elaborate date or just exploring spontaneously, whatever is on the menu, revives the spark.

Planning a date entails a lot of activities. Booking the reservations, finding the restaurant, braving the traffic, etc. And if you are planning something big, there is a lot of forethought and preparation that goes into it to make your lover’s face shine and smile. Love is in the air and we have got some creative date ideas with your beloved.

Picturama Picnic

Pack a cooler with refreshing drinks(whether it's pre-mixed cocktails, wine, or sparkling water) and an insulated carry-all bag with your favorite sandwiches to enjoy at your preferred local park on a clear and sunny day. Include an outdoor blanket and a couple of pillows for lounging. You can play music, stream videos, capture the beauty outside, and make playful videos. While you are basking in the peaceful sun and conversing with your partner, you might face the risk of a draining battery. Gravette takes care of your worries. Gravette’s InstantBoost is a wireless power bank that charges your devices quickly so you can enjoy a day of warmth with your lover without worrying about the charging level of your smartphones and other devices.

Get physical - Take a hike

Put on your comfy shoes or better yet all-terrain boots with your beloved and grab a backpack filled with the essentials (water, snacks, compass, jacket, etc.) to explore a well-worn path at a nearby trail. Click wonderful photos, create videos of your partner, and stream your favorite songs. All these activities without worrying about the dying battery on a hill. When hiking, it’s difficult to find a charging outlet. It is a convenient power bank that can be your best friend in the hills. So stream videos and music to your heart’s content, without the worries of discharged devices because Gravette’s pocket-sized power bank is a savior on hills. It charges your devices fast and looks stylish. Experience the tranquility of those hills with your beloved without fretting about dying batteries.

Movie night under the stars

Set up a movie screen and projector in your backyard, bring some cozy blankets and snacks, and enjoy a movie under the stars. Afterward, queue up your favorite tunes, schedule a dinner delivery, and enjoy your favorite online games for a lighthearted night outside. Enjoy the hassle-free convenience of masterful innovation as you immerse yourself in a beautiful date night with your partner.

Go on an adventure together

An adventurous sport can be immense fun with a partner. Go rock climbing, bungee jumping, or sky diving. An adventurous sport rushes your adrenaline and gets your heart beating. It has the potential to strengthen the bond between two people, for you face and conquer fear together while having a lot of fun on the way. While you are out there somewhere, with your heart pulsating, holding the hand of your partner, about to dive into a risky activity, you can’t afford to have low batteries on your phone since you also need to have a channel of communication. Music, photos, and social media updates occupy a lot of bandwidth that can deplete your phone fast. Having a power bank with you can come in handy. A power bank that goes with you when you are out exploring the world needs to have a bit of flair. Gravette’s InstantBoost has an appearance that screams elegance and can moonlight as an accessory too! Go explore the world with your partner without the worries of a draining battery.

Hop on a Brewery bus tour

If you and your partner enjoy a good pint, plan a fun day with one of the city brew tour guides so you can safely taste your way through the top breweries in your community while enjoying the wind on your face and delectable food along the way. Slight drunkenness, a belly full of delicious food, and a heart full of love. What’s not to like? Tasting different beers throughout the city is a wonderful way to discover your own tastes and get to know about your partner’s preferences as well. While hopping through multiple places, what with the incessant usage of maps and gleaning information from Google, you run the risk of a discharged phone. Gravette’s Miniboost is a mini but mighty way to juice up your devices so you can refocus your energy on enjoying the moment by cutting down the time you would have spent searching for a charging port or waiting for your phone to charge. After all, you have got to capture those beautiful moments with your partner lest they get lost. Life whooshes by fast. Click as many pictures as you can, blast your favorite rock song, and relish those memorable moments to your heart’s content.

Power in your pocket, freedom in your hands

While the mainstream convention condenses the season of love into the dazzle of a single week, we believe expression and celebration of love ought to be a lifetime affair. Gravette’s stylish, powerful, and lightweight power banks are the ultimate accessory for the tech-savvy, providing you more mobility and freedom from the worry about charging your devices. One of its kind with both wireless and cable charging capacities, Gravette’s products pack a punch! Stay connected and never miss a moment with your partner because Gravette's reliable power banks have your back. Keep your devices charged and ready to go, so you can create unforgettable memories with your loved ones this Valentine’s day. Power your love with Gravette.

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