Things to keep in mind when choosing a power bank


Our entire lives are condensed into digital screens. From switching off our (multiple) alarms when we wake up to doom-scrolling social media before we go to sleep, we are constantly on our smartphones. Due to the near-constant use, our phones are never at 100% for long.

We have reached a point where power banks have become a necessity. Honestly, when it's a toss-up between a portable device that also promises fast charging and waiting around for the wall charger to do its part, the choice seems obvious.

But just like smartphones, not all power banks are created equal. It is important to know this because you can’t just buy the cheapest power bank available. There are way too many power banks available, and it is very confusing to know which is the best one for you. Gravette presents a helpful guide you can refer to for things to keep in mind when choosing a power bank.

1. Power: Exceptional performance

First, we need to see what we need the power bank for. Are we taking it along with us on daily errands? Or are we keeping it as a backup when we are out trekking?

Gravette’s power banks are an excellent option to consider if one wants to go for something that has both power and portability.

The size of the power bank depends on its charging capacity. Generally, the bigger the product, the heavier its charging capacity. Most people prefer a mid-sized power bank that can give a few charges without being too bulky. Just like Gravette InstantBoost which has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. This kind of power means you can rest easy as InstantBoost charges your iPhone twice in a cycle. It is truly a beauty with brawn. It’s a one-of-a-kind wireless charger with the power to charge even MacBooks and iPads in emergencies!

Others want smaller portable chargers, like the 5000 mAh MiniBoost, that fits in handbags and still have enough juice to not leave them stranded with a dead smartphone. Both power banks are designed with convenience in mind. Their compact size and sleek design make them perfect additions to the work desk and even pockets!

2. Safety comes first.

The power bank market is a-booming, which has led to the creation of many subpar devices. While most power banks will get the job done, they might not be the safest options available.

Fortunately for us, Gravette’s portable chargers meet stringent quality control requirements. MiniBoost comes with a single 21700-cell lithium-ion battery, the same kind that is used for high-performance electric vehicles. That’s not all! InstantBoost has pass-through technology that lets us charge our devices even when the power bank itself is connected to an outlet. You see, Gravette aims to simplify life through premium-grade products, and that means making sure the user experience is the safest yet!

3. The need for speed

The best power banks are simply the ones that charge the fastest (without hurting themselves or you!). To check the actual ‘power’ of a power bank, look out for devices with multiple outputs of 5 V/1 A, 5 V/2.1 A, 5.1 V/2.4 A, 9 V/2 A.  Gravette’s fast-charging power banks come with USB-C ports, three embedded cables that provide a maximum output of 9V/2.5A and 12V/1.8A and meet all the universal fast charging standards, like USB-C and Qi processing. Such features make them the one-stop solution for all your charging needs!

Like many high-functioning power banks, the Gravette duo even supports fast charging for input and output, which is a fantastic feature to have as it will minimize the time it takes to charge our power bank.

4. Wireless all the way

For the sake of brutal honesty, it’s quite a hassle if we have to carry a phone, a portable charger, and a separate USB cable to connect the two. Thankfully, the newer power banks come with wireless charging features. Gravette InstantBoost introduced newfound convenience by juicing up devices without external wires. No longer do we need to hunt for wires or worry about the bundling of cables.

Through induction coil charging, the multifunctional power bank provides 15 W of power. Which is more than enough for 34 hours of uninterrupted streaming. The beast of a power bank is a one-of-a-kind companion for our smartphones.

5. Prefer the power bank with built-in cables.

Built-in charging cables in power banks are perfect for anyone tired of carrying around a bunch of wires. Moreover, we can save some space and reduce the trap of wires in our desks or backpacks.

Gravette InstantBoost paid special attention to our demands. It comes with three embedded cables: a USB port, an integrated Lightning cable, and an integrated Type C cable. The best part is that all the cables have different output levels and give a maximum power of 22.5 W. Now even MacBooks and iPads can receive emergency boosts!

Powering Down

A failing battery is the biggest villain we have to encounter in our daily lives. We could be in the middle of a climax scene or a long-awaited heart-to-heart when our phones die on us, or we could be in the middle of nowhere! Rude. To avoid such drastic fates, it is essential to keep a multifunctional, portable, and fast-charging power bank close. It's very important, then, to buy a portable charger that can meet all our needs. We hope this guide can help you avoid confusion when it comes to buying power banks.

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