Here’s how to make the most of your power bank

There must be a clear correlation between a low-power battery and spiking anxiety; as proved by the absolute panic that zings through the body when a phone flashes the low battery warning, and there is no charger in sight!

In times like these, when your phone requires a speedy boost, keeping fast-charging devices like power banks handy, can save you a lot of trouble.

So what exactly is a power bank? It is a portable and convenient gadget that can truly simplify your life. Perhaps, even more importantly, it is a long-lasting investment that, when used properly, can help increase the lifespan of your phone battery!

Since you are here, you must have, at some point seen the merit of owning a power bank. But before you add to the cart, any random power bank, consider buying from Gravette. It has two power banks that perfectly fit the bill of essential tech accessories, necessary to support the many battery-draining demands we put on our smartphones. The Gravette Instantboost and MiniBoost are both advanced power banks meant to elevate your everyday experiences.

And if you already have a power bank that you never use, don't worry, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about power banks and their use.

When you first get a power bank, it is advised to fully charge the power bank to ensure everything is functioning in order. Multiport power banks are often accompanied by their own charging set. In the case of Gravette, the power bank comes with a PD 20W Type - C power adaptor, and a USB-C PD 3A cable (P.S. the adapter cable combo can also serve as your primary charger!)

Once your device is fully charged, you can use the device to charge your smartphones and other devices like AirPods, smartwatches, and sometimes in a pinch even laptops and tablets. Simply connect your device to the power bank and turn it on. In the case of wireless chargers like InstantBoost, you don't have to attach a separate cable to charge your phones. And if you are in desperate need of charging multiple devices, Gravette has got you covered! The 10,000mAh power bank comes embedded with three lightning-fast cables that allow simultaneous charging of up to 3 devices.

How to make the most of a wireless charger:

Keep it at room temperature:

Power banks are powered by lithium-ion batteries that operate best at room temperature. Gravette MiniBoost operates best between 32-122 ℉. Even with such a wide temperature adjustment, keeping the pocket-sized power bank away from extreme temperatures is always better. They are after all electronic devices that could malfunction when exposed to drastic temperatures.

Charge devices within the power bank’s capacity:

Fast-charging power banks have evolved to boast power over 2000 mAh. InstantBoost and MiniBoost have charging capacities of 10000 mAh and 5000 mAh respectively. Despite the amount of power these power banks hold, it is not advisable to use the power banks beyond their means. Putting a strain on the devices can shorten their lifespans.

Keep the device charged even when not in use:

Power banks are a lifesaver in emergencies. But there are times when the devices will be left unused for long periods. Generally speaking, the longer you charge your power bank, the shorter its lifespan will be. Only recharge your power bank when necessary. It is beneficial to get in the habit of charging it soon after use as it will always be accessible this way. Gravette MiniBoost has a smart digital display that lets you know when the device is running low on battery. Keeping track of the same helps prevent overcharging and extends the lifespan of the device.

Keep it secure:

Power banks incorporate circuit boards as well as the battery. Like any other item of electronic equipment, they need to be handled with some care. Dropping them can damage the case, the circuit board, or even the lithium rechargeable battery element itself. Take care when handling them. Fortunately, both Gravette power banks are compact and easy to carry. Keep them on your work desk or in your bedside drawers and remain worry-free.

Make sure it has pass-through technology:

Unfortunately, there are times you need to charge your phone when the power bank itself is getting charged. It is better then, to have power banks with pass-through technology that prevents excessive heating of the power bank and even the smartphone.

Gravette InstantBoost is engineered to perfect pass-through technology, you can charge your smartphone while the power bank itself is connected to a wall outlet- saving you a few more precious moments.


Power banks make our lives a bit easier by ensuring we never run out of juice. Their ease of use makes them the perfect addition to your tech drawer. A properly cared-for power bank will get you through those long meetings and plane rides. Just think of all the adventures you’ll go on while still having peace of mind!
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