Powerbanks: A Must-Have For Everyone

Powerbanks: A Must-Have For Everyone

You must have at least once experienced the hopelessness that follows when your device flashes a low battery sign and the battery starts draining at the speed of light. You could be in the middle of something important, but your devices are not sympathetic to your misery. 

The panic becomes more pronounced when you realize that no charging point is within reach. Soon it is a mad dash to conserve the remaining power before your devices are completely drained and you are left stranded (technologically and sometimes physically!) 

In moments of such crises, a fast-charging power bank or a portable charger can be a godsend.

Power banks are the best way to charge devices on the go. The compact and multi-port gizmos can be easily carried around as a replacement for wall chargers as they are compatible with multiple devices. The increasing amount of time spent on our internet-enabled devices has made power banks a necessity for everyone. 

The best power banks are the ones that match all your needs and don the appearance of bespoke convenience. Faced with the overabundance of options available in the market, it is easy to make a swift decision and purchase a power bank that does not meet the standards.

Here is a checklist you can refer to for getting the best technological innovation has to offer.


1) A power that leaves you wide-eyed.

The best power banks have higher mAh than your device. Say your device has a battery power of 2000 mAh, then your power bank should have the same or more charging capacity. Gravette understands this need for high power and has brought out the Gravette InstantBoost and Gravette Miniboost as the answer to all fast charging needs. 

InstantBoost comes with a 10000 mAh capacity that can charge your iPhone twice over in just one cycle. The MiniBoost on the other hand boasts a 5000 mAh charging capacity. The quick-charge power banks help you refocus your energy on more important things by cutting down the time you would have spent waiting for your phone to charge.


2) Wireless is the way to go

A recent innovation that is gaining applause is the wireless charging provided by power banks. Gravette InstantBoost adds power to the punch by juicing up your devices without the need for having to attach external wires. No longer do you need to hunt for wires or worry about the bundling of cables. The perfect buddy for your smartphone, the beast of a power bank is one of its kind with both wireless and cable charging capacities.


3) Multi-cables are tales of fables (no more)

A power bank is more often than not used for charging multiple devices at the same time. But not all devices use the same charging ports. Gravette InstantBoost is a beast of a power bank that comes with three embedded cables- a USB port, an Integrated Lightning cable, Integrated Type C cable. The portable power bank solves the issue of never having the right charger. Enjoy the hassle-free convenience of masterful innovation.


4) Power bank to save you in a pinch

Power banks are generally used to charge smaller devices like smartphones and AirPods. But in certain emergencies, even laptops and tablets require a quick juice-up. Gravette comes with 22.5W maximum output that is useful for charging even MacBooks and iPads in times of need.


5) Easy to carry, easier to flaunt

A power bank will come along with you when you are out and about in the world. It is necessary to have a bit of flair in your power bank. Gravette InstantBoost and MiniBoost have sleek and compact designs. With an appearance that screams elegance, both the fast-charging power banks are necessary gadgets that can even moonlight as stylish accessories.


A power bank worth investing in is long-lasting, fast charging, multi-port, and most importantly a little good-looking. Gravette has not one but two power banks that can tick all your boxes. So don’t wait long for tragedy strikes and get your hands on a power bank that sees you through all the troubles of draining batteries.

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