10 Essentials For An Improved Work-From-Home Experience

10 Essentials For An Improved Work-From-Home Experience

Working from home, a concept that started as a trend became a compulsion for most when the pandemic hit. While for some it was a temporary arrangement to keep work going, it slowly turned into the new normal for many. 

If you’ve been doing it for a while, you’re well aware of the strange feeling of living where you work but if you’re new here, Hi! Welcome to a life of sweatpants and mid-meeting puppy howls.

It's important to maximize your productivity and create a workspace where you can get things done. Plus who doesn't enjoy sprucing up a space to make it feel cozier and more you, right?

With the right mix of practical equipment and decorative trinkets, you can create a space at home that keeps you motivated and your day fruitful.

Before we get into the essentials, it's important to pick a nook in your home that best suits your needs, be it sunlight, complete silence, or a place far-far away from your very nappable bed. You can start by making a checklist of things that you absolutely need and of course, use this list to add on. 

Without much else, here’s a list of 10 essentials that can improve your work-from-home experience -


1. A practical desk

One of the most important items on the list, a sturdy desk is a must for every remote worker. It creates a specific place for you to work so you can focus (away from your cozy bed) and avoids physical strain on your back.

Ideally, your desk should be big enough to accommodate a laptop/monitor and still have space for other essentials. If you prioritize health, you can invest in an adjustable desk that turns into a standing desk. Or you can get yourself a simple and practically-sized desk. Spruce it up using tablecloths or runners for a pop of color.


2. A mug that does it all

 The absence of busy-bee coworkers can lead to lethargy. To fight this, it's a good idea to turn to coffee (coffee>people any day, right?!). Yes, getting up repeatedly to head to the kitchen can break your concentration, which is where a smart mug comes in. It keeps your coffee warm for you! A recommended item is Gravette’s HotMug. It keeps your coffee at a stable temperature of 130℉ / 55℃ and comes with a smart base that doubles as a wireless charger for your QI devices. It's big in size, it's good looking, it's multifunctional— it's perfect for technophiles.


3. A convenient phone charger

You can let go of a lot of things in life, but you can’t get rid of your phone, especially while working from home. With constant usage, it's important to have a charger handy. A wireless power bank can be your best friend here. It can fit in a drawer and helps avoid wires bundling up on your desk. The Gravette InstantBoost ticks all the boxes here. The fast-charging power bank gives you a super quick charge and also works as a wireless charger. It also comes with cables so you don’t have to go wire hunting. It can charge up to 15W. Honestly, it is the best purchase you can make for your desk.


4. A robust router that keeps your WiFi (and you!) active

Working from home almost always requires an active internet connection. It's 2022, a shaky WiFi is so outmoded. To stay focused throughout the day a sturdy WiFi router is a must! If you have a good connection but it's far away from your work set-up, you can always invest in a booster.


5. A pair of earphones

Earphones are the best friend all professionals deserve. Even if you are living alone or working in an isolated place- it is impossible to avoid auditory distractions. A handy set of earphones serves many purposes. It helps you focus, drowns out the background noise, and uplifts your mood with your favorite music. Most of all, you don’t need to pick up your phone, allowing you to multitask, even when you’re on a call!


6. Stationary- cute but necessary

You may be working primarily on the laptop, but it’s always a good idea to have stationary around.

 You might need to jot down a note or highlight something, who knows? Keeping basic stationery on your desk prevents you from going on a wild hunt around the house whenever the need arises. A basic collection of notebooks, pens, pencils, post-it notes, and, paper clips is usually enough for a desk. Though who is stopping you? Go ham and buy the cute-quirky items you like.

 Yes, most people have now moved towards the iPad for the aforementioned things, but there’s something very incentivizing about having a notebook and a pen around.


7.  Personal trinkets to brighten up your desk

Personal items in your space help you stay focused by creating a familiar environment that puts you at ease. It’s science! Little items that you associate with warm and comforting elements of your life can help you stay at your desk for longer by making your workspace cozier. It could be anything from tiny action figures (if you’re into Sci-fi), a cute desk plant, or a photograph of your loved ones. The sky is your limit when it comes to decorating.


8. Pet-feeding gadgets

One of the few silver linings of the pandemic was the skyrocketing pet adoption rates.

The furry companions kept you sane during the long bouts of isolation. And while their presence reminded you to take necessary breaks and avoid burnout, their many needs also put a dent in your routines. The pandemic fur babies are especially demanding of your attention and through no fault of their own take up precious time during work hours. Gravette has launched a Pet Feeder and Pet Fountain that takes care of your pets for you. This feeder can be programmed to give your pets their meals in a timely and proportionate manner.

 And the fountain will keep the water fresh and healthy for your pets' consumption. So while your pets enjoy the benefits of the new gadgets (and avoid smothering you for attention), you can put in the hours without any distractions.


9. Storage for organization

Working from home, you become the sole person in your workspace. If you are unorganized, your home office can start resembling a hoarder's nest overflowing with documents and a desk in disarray.

 Make a list of all the knick-knacks you need to make your desk and by extension your workspace organized. Start with the bigger things, like a filing cabinet. Next, come to your desk. For the wires; buy cable ties or cord organizers that can help sort out the wires and make them easy to deal with. Then finally look into low-value essentials like little baskets and mason jars to store the stationary and snacks. A clutter-free desk leads to a clutter-free mind.


10. An energy-efficient desk lamp

Time flies by when you're hard at work (which you should be). Since screens are unavoidable during work from home, it's important to ensure there’s plenty of light in your workspace. Not only does this avoid strain on the eyes but also keeps you from feeling dozy. You can look into smart lights that change colors and provide adjustable levels of lighting when needed.


While all the paraphernalia is essential, it’s important to remember that training your mind to keep you productive is paramount. Without the structure of an office or the presence of colleagues, it is very easy to lose track of time and engage in things that waste your time. A good way to go about this is by creating a routine for yourself and maintaining it - even something as simple as being at your desk by a certain time- goes a long way in making productivity flow easier.

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