Gravette and you: A perfect match

Have you ever met a brand that is straight-up perfect? You know the kind that has brilliant offerings, amazing after-sales services, and actually keeps you - the customer - first? No? Well, guess what? Gravette is that brand.

Let’s get the introductions out of the way. We are Gravette (hey!), a tech brand that elevates your life through versatile gadgets. A tall claim, right? Our passion for innovation helps us make products that are geared toward simplifying everyday living for you. Gone are the days when technology failed you at the most crucial moments. With Gravette at your side, your biggest worry now will be what to do with the time these convenient gadgets save you!

Don't believe us? Let us tell you a story. Buckle in, it's a ride and a half.

Experience innovation as they have

Meet Bradley, he is your local technophile and devout patron of Gravette. There was a time in this young man’s life when he had not discovered the simplicity and sophistication that our brand promises. In his own words, “that time feels like a bygone era”.

But! One fine day Bradley discovered the miracle that was Gravette’s InstantBoost wireless charger. Never before had he seen a lifestyle gadget that used driving innovation to provide modern solutions. Who knew the sleek and futuristic little device could transform his life for the better? Bradley certainly didn’t. Then again, he is a fast learner and soon he was the proud owner of Gravette’s entire product catalog. Bradley has not looked back since then. Gravette’s range of sleek, useful, and innovative products make his life infinitely easier.

We have a very straightforward goal— to make your life simpler. Now how we do that, is the question of the ages. Our multi-functional inventory helps you live the life you want - no rather, the one you deserve! It’s no sorcery, instead, we forge ahead with the conviction that innovation is the key to success—creativity that caters to you for simplifying your life.

Gravette designs its products intuitively for a seamless, easy-to-use experience with high-tech engineering to ensure maximum effectiveness. We ensure that our products not only offer smooth utility but also fit perfectly in your interior decor. Gravette’s products come with multi-functionality to offer you a comprehensive service. We want the best for our customers and that entails an uncompromising attitude toward quality, design, engineering, and user experience.

Gravette’s catalog boasts five impeccable products that elevate and simplify your life:

Pet Fountain

Gravette’s sleek and convenient water fountain is every pet owner’s dream. Gravette Pet Fountain is engineered to have a large capacity (85 oz), to be ultra quiet, and to have a self-filtering system. With this smart pet fountain, you will only go after your pets for cuddles and not clean their puddles.

Pet Feeder

Gravette’s pet feeder takes away your worries about your precious fur baby’s diet and routines. Bring home a friend for your pet that will take care of their health, and keep them well-fed throughout the day.


Gravette power banks are meant to prioritize you and your time. Charge 3 devices at once; get a 50% boost in under 40 minutes with the Gravette InstantBoost. Engineered to perfect pass-through technology, you can charge your smartphone while the power bank itself is connected to a wall outlet- saving you a few more precious moments.


Gravette’s MiniBoost has a sleek and compact design. With an appearance that screams elegance, both the fast-charging power banks are necessary gadgets that can even moonlight as stylish accessories. Teeny tiny, the MiniBoost is a “power-full” gadget that packs a huge punch. Simply, plug it into your phone and go!


Gravette's self-heating HotMug. The temperature control mug comes with patented self-heating technology that keeps the coffee at a stable temperature of 130F, making the last sip as warm as the first. Hot when you want it. And even after it has slipped your mind.

Power your life through Gravette

In a nutshell, we are a company that aims to make your life simpler. And how do we plan to do that? Through technology that elevates class. Our California roots inspire us to be more open to adaptation and be more flexible in our thinking and processes to serve your needs to the best of our capacity. With Gravette’s smart and minimal products, experience innovation that makes your home look effortlessly striking while adding convenience to your life through technology. Gravette brings you products that elevate living, and make your everyday life simpler. We hope to be your companion and your friend in this journey of pushing the boundaries of technology.
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