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$59.00$44.00 USD
Charge 3 devices at once; get a 50% boost in under 40 minutes with the Gravette InstantBoost.
  • 3 super-fast cables are built into the Gravette InstantBoost to save you from carrying extra cables.
  • 10000 mAh power charges up an iPhone 12 twice and offers extra 34 hours of uninterrupted video streaming in one go.
  • 15W fast wireless charging for unlimited convenience.
  • A powerful PD20W charger is included to charge both the InstantBoost and other devices.
  • An advanced intelligent chip protects both the InstantBoost and your devices from overheating and overvoltage, ensuring safety.
  • Scouring your bag for cables.
  • Any of your devices running low on charge.
  • Using any cables. Wireless charging is right here.
  • Only getting a mere cable to charge the power bank.

Our Reviews

  • A Cable For Every Need

    3 built-in super-fast charging cables compatible with all devices and convenient for charging multiple devices at once.

  • 15W Fast Wireless Charging

    Experience the most advanced way of charging your devices with InstantBoost. The only Powerbank with both, a fast wireless charger and 3 built-in-cables.

  • PD20W Charger, All Free

    Get a powerful charger, not just a mere cable to charge your InstantBoost extra fast. (P.S. It can also be used as a primary charger for your devices)

Pack. A punch.

With a 10000mAh capacity, charge an iPhone twice over and enjoy an extra 34 hours of uninterrupted video streaming, all through one power bank in just one cycle.

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Product Specifications

  • Capacity

    10,000 mAh

  • Total Output

    22.5W (max)

  • Wireless Charging

    15W (max)

  • Input 1 (Type - C)

    PD3.0 18W 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A (max)

  • Input 2 (USB Cable)

    QC3.0 18W 5V/3A, 9V/2A


  • Output 1 (Type - C port)

    PD3.0 22.5W 5V/3A, 9V/2.5A, 12V/1.8A (max)

  • Output 2 (USB Port)

    QC3.0 / SCP 22.5w 4.5V / 5A



    12V/1.5A (max)

  • Output 3 (Integrated Lightning Cable)

    5V / 2.4A (max)

  • Output 4 (Integrated
    Type - C Cable)

    SCP 22.5W 4.5V / 5A

    5V / 4.5A (max)

  • Packaging Box Size

    5'' x 7'' x 1''

  • InstantBoost

  • PD 20W Type - c
    power adapter

  • pd 3a type - c
    power cable

  • silicone cable tie

More information


Yes, the PD20W wire that comes with the InstantBoost can be used as a primary charger for your iPhone.

The Gravette InstantBoost comes with three cables and can charge three devices simultaneously without hassle.

You can get a full charge for your InstantBoost power bank in under two hours using the PD20W charger (included).

Yes, the InstantBoost can charge an iPad or MacBook when needed. While InstantBoost isn’t primarily a laptop power bank, it has a 22.5W output capacity that comes in handy during emergencies.

Pass-through technology allows your devices to be charged even when the InstantBoost itself is connected to a wall outlet.

$59.00$44.00 USD
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