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The Gravette Pet Feeder will be your pet’s best friend, right after you. Designed to make your pets perfectly content, the feeder will make sure they are neither overfed nor underfed by providing the perfect nutrition at the perfect time. You will never have to worry about feeding your pet again.


Double dinner -
No more.

Take care of your pet’s physical and mental health by creating a great feeding routine.

  • 01

    Battery Backup

    An optional battery backup function will make sure a power outage doesn’t interfere with your pet’s meals.

  • 02

    Anti - logging

    The high-torque mechanism comes with an anti-logging technology that keeps the feeder running smoothly.

  • 03

    7L Capacity

    The Gravette pet Feeder packs more treats than any of your average feeders. It is perfect for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Tick-tock. Kit-dog

Your pets will get adjusted, accurate portions of food at the right time so they can stay healthy and happy, always.

Safe for and from pets.

Made with BPA-Free food-grade ABS material, The Gravette Pet Feeder is completely safe for pets. Additionally, the lid comes with a lock feature to keep the food fresh and stops your pet from adorably trying to steal food.

Detachable. No Hassle

The easily detachable container and bowl save your valuable time which would be spent on cleaning.

Product Specifications

  • Material

    BPA - Free ABS

  • Weight


  • Capacity

    7 L

  • Product Dimensions

    10" x 15" x 15"

  • Gravette smart
    pet feeder

  • Gravette 5w USB -
    A power adapter

  • Gravette USB - a
    power cable

  • silicone cable tie

More information


Programming the PetFeeder is very simple. It comes with an instruction manual with clear directions on how to make it work.

You can plan up to four meals every day with quantities ranging from 5 to 250 grams.

It is recommended to clean the detachable container and the bowl once a month.

The PetFeeder can dispense anything between 5 to 250g of kibbles. You can program the feeder based on your pet's individual needs.

The small feeding wheel dispenses small kibbles for cats and small dogs. The larger wheel is for bigger breeds.

Yes, the Gravette PetFeeder can dispense any kind of dry pet food, irrespective of the brand.

Call recording is a special feature in the Petfeeder that allows you to record an inviting message for your pet for when they need to be called to eat (at the scheduled time).

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