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Pet Fountain

Pet Fountain

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Keep your pets hella hydrated with our intelligently engineered smart pet fountain.
  • Large 2.5l capacity to quench every size of thirst.
  • The ultra-quiet (<20dB) pumping mechanism lets you peacefully enjoy your pets’ happy slurps.
  • The advanced triple-filtration system includes an activated carbon layer, ion exchange resin, and thick non-woven fabric to keep the water safe and delicious.
  • Intelligent sensors detect the water level and shut the fountain to avoid spilling.
  • The hair flushing technology keeps the fur, far away from your pet’s drink.
  • The smart mode works with a one-minute pause every six minutes and flushes the pet hair after 5 cycles.
  • The BPA-free material makes the fountain completely safe for your pets.
  • Your pet being a drama queen about drinking water. When water flows that deliciously, who can resist a slurp?
  • Your pet drinking stale water. The triple filtration system is here for you.
  • Running into water puddles. You will get only cuddles now.
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