Phone Accessories Every Traveler Should Have

Phone Accessories Every Traveler Should Have

Gone are the days when traveling meant inviting a headache trying to keep track of all the necessary information. The age of smartphones has made it possible to use just one device for all travel-related activities.

From booking hotels, accessing money, and pre-saving digital maps, everything is done via the handy seven-inch screens. The mass availability of smartphones and other smart devices has made traveling everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to make more of your travel experience, keep reading for the tech essentials that make your trips even better than before.


1) Screen guards and phone covers- your phone’s bodyguards (literally)

Imagine you are on vacation, posing for the perfect picture when suddenly, tragedy strikes and your phone falls face-first on the gravelly road. Cue absolute heartbreak as you observe the shattered screen and dented body of your once-whole phone.

Now this unfortunate turn of events can be avoided with the help of a good screen guard and a sturdy phone cover. 

Available in multiple materials- from thin-layer plastics to guerilla glass, screen guards protect your phone screen from unavoidable bumps and bruises. You’ll need a sturdy protective case to safeguard the back from shock, dents, and other sorts of damage. Indulge yourself with lightweight water-resistant covers that allow you to click those dreamy underwater photos.


2) The lifesaver in sticky situations- Gravette InstantBoost

When you are gallivanting through picturesque places, how annoying it is to forgo clicking photos to conserve phone battery. Carrying a portable power bank with you while traveling lets you charge your phone on the go.

Gravette InstantBoost is one of the best travel gadgets you can invest in. The beast of a power bank comes with 10,000 mAh and can charge an iPhone twice over. The next time you are stuck at a layover and find yourself running amok trying to find a free charging outlet or (le gasp!) have to share a port with your co-passenger, take a breather and chill. Gravette InstantBoost has three cables embedded that can help you charge multiple devices- including your laptop, AirPods, and iPhone -at once. And if you want to avoid the hassle of cable charging, Gravette InstantBoost doubles as a wireless charger with a 15W charging output. Just kick back and make the most of your vacation by keeping Gravette InstantBoost close by.


3) A mini but mighty way to juice up your phone- Gravette MiniBoost

It is a task and a half to look for a charging outlet when traveling. A convenient power bank can be your best friend when on vacation. If you are someone who appreciates efficiency with a dash of cost-effectiveness, Gravette MiniBoost is the best travel gadget to carry along with you. The pocket-sized power bank can charge your iPhone 13 up to 80% in less than 30 minutes. A quick fix to the drained battery, the power bank can easily fit in your pockets and purses. With a 5000 mAh capacity, the wireless power bank can provide the emergency boost your devices need. So stream videos and music to your heart’s content, while on vacation, without the worries of discharged devices.


4) The world is your oyster with wearable smartwatches.

Whether your trip entails a quick stop at the convenience store or a long journey to the relaxing resort, a smartwatch is a wearable phone accessory you cannot pass up. If you are a frequent traveler, you would know how taking out your phone every time quickly becomes burdensome.

By syncing your phone to the smartwatch, you gain access to quick displays that help you keep on top of all your required engagements. A quick email perusal here and a scan of vitals there- a smartwatch does a lot for you without forcing unnecessary breaks on you.


5) Car mounts to keep your phone within reach

If your vacation includes a road trip, you will need a car mount to make your journey hassle-free. A car mount can be the difference between a safe journey and an accident-prone one. With your phone securely attached in one place, there is nothing to distract you from the road. With its hands-free nature- you can attend calls, listen to music, and navigate directions without letting go of the steering wheel. Many cars these days come with the option of interoperability- to cast your screen on the dashboard itself. But more often than not, when you are renting a car or using an older model, the choice is unavailable. In any case, adding a car mount to your travel tech essential list can be a can be good practice to adopt.


6) Mobile keyboards- turning your phone into mini laptops

Have you ever had your dreams of going traveling without too much luggage dashed thanks to the laptop you are forced to carry? A mobile keyboard is the best alternative you can have. Attach it to your phone via a USB cable or connect it through Bluetooth- in either case, the keyboard turns your phone into a mini laptop in seconds. The compact device is an essential smartphone accessory to carry along on your travels if you have quick emails to send.


Whether it's a long trip or a mini vacation- your smartphone will accompany you on your travels. And while your phone can singlehandedly elevate your travel experience to new heights of convenience, adding these tech essentials to your carry-on bag is just the cherry on top of a journey filled with ease and comfort.


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