How Gravette is Redefining Fast Charging

How Gravette is Redefining Fast Charging

Given our dependence on technology to get through the day, it is not uncommon that you end up charging your devices multiple times a day. The act of charging is less troubling than the charging time. 

Enter fast charging- an innovation that has helped cut down the time your phone spends on the charger. Fast charging can make the difference between continuing your work peacefully and running amok trying to find the nearest charging outlet. 

But why should you care about it? Well, there are a few reasons.

First of all, it's convenient. Who doesn’t enjoy being able to do important things rather than waiting around for the phone to reach 100%?

Secondly, fast charging can help extend the life of your battery. By charging your device more slowly, you're giving it a chance to rest and recover between charges. This can help prevent damage and prolong its lifespan.

And perhaps most importantly, fast charging is safer for your device overall. Fast charging is safer for your devices as they are designed to avoid overheating through the regulation of power going into the battery.

Smartphones are the primary beneficiaries of fast charging as it is used the most at any given time. And while companies are making efforts to make internal batteries and wall chargers, more equipped for fast charging, the need to have speedy chargers handy has allowed power banks to also stake their claim on the market. These quick-charge power banks are convenient for charging your devices on the go. Gravette has introduced two such fast-charging power banks- Gravette InstantBoost & Gravette MiniBoost.

If you are someone who is looking for convenience when it comes to fast charging, look no further. Here is how Gravette redefined fast charging:-


1) Universal fast-charging standards

There are times when you are in public and your smartphone needs urgent recharging. And until and unless you have a charger that is compatible with your phone, you are pretty much in hot water. Universal fast charging standards (like USB-C and Qi processing) remove the frustration of carrying around a bunch of different chargers for all your devices. 

Gravette pairs innovation with convenience and introduced not one but two fast-charging power banks- Gravette InstantBoost and Gravette MiniBoost. 

Both portable power banks are equipped with USB-C ports making them the one-shot solution to all your charging needs. USB-C is the newer fast-charging standard, and it's slowly becoming more common. Most Android phones now use this standard, which is also used on laptops and other gadgets. Ergo Gravette power banks are designed to be used for all devices. In case of emergency, InstantBoost with its 25W power output can be used to juice up your MacBook and iPad.


2) Shorter times for charging.

Gravette power banks are meant to prioritize you and your time. Gone are the days when charging meant impatiently waiting about while your wall charger took its sweet time juicing up your phone. With InstantBoost your iPhone can give you 34 hours of uninterrupted video streaming all in one charge cycle. Engineered to perfect pass-through technology, you can charge your smartphone while the power bank itself is connected to a wall outlet- saving you a few more precious moments. 

And if you find yourself in a bind, the pocket-sized power bank -MiniBoost- packs a power of 5000 mAh and can boost up your phone up to 80% in less than 30 minutes.


3) QC3 technology

Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology is designed to deliver faster charging times for devices that support it. Quick Charge 3.0 is the latest version of the technology, and it promises to charge compatible devices up to four times faster than standard chargers.

Gravette InstantBoost comes with a built-in QC3.0 USB Port (with a maximum output of 12V/1.5) that can help you charge your iPhone twice over.


4) Wireless charging

Gravette InstantBoost and MiniBoost have transmitting coils and port charging advantages respectively. The Lithium-ion battery-powered power banks are primed to provide the best fast charging experience. They recharge your phone at a faster rate with increased intervals between charging periods. 

The phone battery thus has time to recover and faces a lowered risk of overheating with multiple short charges.


5) Multi-purpose chargers

The added benefit to just using one single charger is the compatibility between devices. Both wireless power banks are designed to be used for all devices. InstantBoost comes embedded with three (three!) in-built chargers that help you charge multiple devices at the same time. Now if you want to charge your iPhone, your friend’s iPhone, and your Airpods at the same time- you can absolutely do so. With Gravette’s fast-charging power banks time is your new best friend.


Rounding off/ Powering down/ Why not give fast charging a chance?

If you've ever wished your phone could charge faster, you're not alone. In today's fast-paced world, we all want our devices to keep up with us. That's where fast charging comes in. Fast charging is a technology that allows you to charge your devices faster than standard charging methods. And while it might not seem like a big deal at first, fast charging can make a huge difference in your life. From saving time to prolonging the life of your device, there are plenty of reasons to care about fast charging. So if you're looking for a way to get more out of your devices, be sure to give fast charging a try.


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